…. for Transformation
& Harvest!

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This is a a simple yet extremely powerful strategy. It is highly achievable and has the potential to be a major catalyst for a widespread youth harvest as well as the transformation of our schools. The possibilities are enormous.

The Church in Australia has a scarcity of 20-40 year olds – tragically much of that age group has slipped through the cracks. We cannot afford for the current generation to follow suit! If that happens (and it will if we do nothing), in 20 years we’ll be in the unthinkable situation of having a scarcity of 20-60 year olds in the Church …

It’s time for change!

Today’s students are tomorrow’s mums, dads and leaders in community, education, business and government – and very importantly, they’re the future of the Body of Christ. Among them will be nation-changers, apostles, prophets, pastors, intercessors and harvesters. Each one of the rising generation is loved and precious to God – we must take this opportunity to pray a righteous future for them – they’re worth fighting for!

The Vision

For Secondary Schools in Australia and the nations to be transformed by the power of God as Christians adopt and prayer-walk their local high schools. Bullying, violence, immorality and humanism will have to go – and a foundation of love, acceptance, respect and truth established.

The student generation must be reached – for their sakes and for the sake of the Kingdom.

    Kingdom of God come –
Will of God be done in our Schools!