An awesome youth harvest is under way!

May-June 2019

Hundreds of churches have launched Stage 2 of the overall TRANSFORMERS strategy ‘Equipping believers for Personal and Home Group Evangelism.’ We had those notes translated and printed in several languages; Swahili, Chichewa as well as English – 1600 pages in total. The training was received with enthusiasm – we are now believing for great results.

February/March 2019

Bibles have been delivered to many churches in Malawi, Mozambique, Burundi, Nigeria and Tanzania. They will be used by some of the new Christians attending lessons in those nations.

November/December 2018

Funds allowed for the purchase of around 3,500 Bibles. These are primarily for the new converts. So grateful to the Lord and one Bible Society who gave 55% discount on a large quantity of Bibles, allowing us to increase the size of original orders.

Another African nation has commenced TRANSFORMERS bringing the total there to 17 nations in total. Outreaches continue with Mozambique sending photos of their efforts and results.

October, 2018

Increase continues in Mozambique. TRANSFORMERS launched in the city of Beira with very good early results. A conference is now planned to equip other pastors who are interested. New churches are launching TRANSFORMERS in Kampala, Uganda.

September 2018

Tanzania. Around 1,200 students attended the new Christians’ class in one of their high schools. How glorious to see God moving so mightily in the youth – in Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Burundi & Zambia. Bibles for thousands of new Christians who are now attending new Christians lessons are needed urgently. Please consider a generous gift toward this – bank details are under the ‘Donate’ link on this website. Thank you and bless you! You are sowing into the harvest of these nations.

July-August 2018

Burundi. Pastors there have sent photos and reports of school outreaches. Nigeria. Many high school outreaches have been carried out in Lagos (the capital) with large numbers making commitments including Moslem students. Mozambique. There is a marked increase in interest with hundreds of new pastors and leaders gathering to hear and activate the vision in Tete – see the May 2018 breakthrough report.  Some of the photos on our  facebook – the link is on this website.

June 2018

Malawi. Along with the present youth, the recently saved youth in Malawi have generated 55 weekly prayer meetings across the nation – mostly students. How good is that. Many of these prayer meetings incorporate new Christian’s lessons as well. The wind of the Spirit is blowing mightily in these African nations.

Tanzania. 23 churches have now launched TRANSFORMERS. Already they too are holding high school outreaches.

May 2018

Mozambique. What a joy to see a strategic breakthrough in Mozambique – to God’s Glory! The TRANSFORMERS leadership there have prayed, believed and endeavoured to mobilize their churches into prayer-walking senior schools and holding outreaches. The opposition against them has been considerable with violence and shooting – causing intimidation and general loss of passion.  Recently, after addressing the hold of a Python Spirit, the leaders and people repented. Within 4 weeks they had risen up, prayer-walked and held 5 outreaches with good fruit. Praise God!

April 2018

Tanzania has launched prayer-walking and planned for outreaches to follow. The leaders there are particularly focused and committed … they’ve caught the vision!

It is so good to see new Christians lessons begin in several areas of Malawi. Some schools have invited TRANSFORMERS teams to go to the school weekly – to disciple and teach (at least there’s room for the large numbers at the schools).  One of the churches in that area held a water baptism over Easter – over 300 were baptized. We thank God for the exceptional Regional and Zone leaders we have in these African nations.

Zambia is launching afresh – 12 pastors have met to begin the work there.

March 2018

A 2nd report of significant school transformation in the Chikwawa region has come from Malawi, Africa. ALL 560 students and teaching staff have been saved. As well the prevailing satanic rule over the school has been destroyed. How awesome is our GOD! A few months ago a larger secondary school had a similar testimony: over half the students and teachers (including the Moslem principal) were saved and that school was also delivered from satanism and witchcraft. The Prayer Points are available and free on this website. Go for it!

February 2018

The fruit of prayer-walking … 2,600 youth attend a recent new Christian’s class in South Malawi. Praise God!!

January 2018

Over 300 churches are now involved with TRANSFORMERS in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia and DR Congo. God is moving in Africa. TRANSFORMERS Tanzania was officially launched with a gathering of enthusiastic pastors in Mbeya (area pop. 2.7 million). Regional Leader, Apostle Charles Failosi was asked to share the vision on Mbeya radio during his visit. 15 pastors in Karonga (a Malawi city near Tanzania’s border) also launched prayer-walking of their local high schools.

November 2017

What an awesome God. Some amazing news has come from Africa: 180 new churches have joined TRANSFORMERS (3x more than anticipated) including Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi. These leaders are so hungry for revival and the harvest … we look forward to kicking many Kingdom goals together in 2018!

Ongoing good reports from Australia, DR Congo and more churches joining TRANSORMERS in Malawi. We thank the Lord for this move of his Spiritas widespread prayer covers the schools and communities in Stage One of the strategy. Thousands of students (and teachers) coming to the Lord and many schools having a transformation testimony!

From DR Congo: “… many people are giving their lives to Jesus, some students are joining our ministry and appreciate the prayer walking and outreach in our district.”

October 2017

A busy month in Malawi with a TRANSFORMERS youth conference and new churches joining the vision.

September 2017

When 750 ladies travel (some long distances) to a TRANSFORMERS conference on intercession and prayer-walking schools you know God is moving. This occurred recently in Tete, Mozambique. Shortly after 3000+ attended a ‘school’ outreach in Malawi where 550 made decisions for the Lord. 100’s saved in school outreaches in northern Zambia and DR Congo… It’s time to focus on the harvest and transformation of communities and cities …

August 2017

More school outreaches in Zambia – and large numbers saved. In Inverell, a NSW Australia town, the ACC church reports 150 youth have made commitments through their youth group. Every school in Inverell is being prayer-walked.

26 more churches have recently joined TRANSFORMERS in Malawi.

July 2017

An 80-strong ladies team from Malawi went to Tete, Mozambique to minister and train the ladies there for prayer-walking schools, intercession etc. Around 750 attended – “the fire of God” fell in that conference!

June 2017

Zambia reports TRANSFORMERS is spreading to new schools and new districts. A teenage student sent us a thank you letter – saying the ministry was making a great difference in the lives of the youth there … The harvest is coming in!

May 2017

Malawi: 175 senior schools prayer-walked – 81 outreaches resulted in around 50% of the teachers, students being saved. Some Moslem school principals saved.  One school had much witchcraft and satanism – after prayer-walking a number of times, the witchcraft and ‘mess’ has ceased. GLORY TO GOD!

Malawi: TRANSFORMERS Regional Leader invited to the presidential palace (with other ministers) to offer their thoughts on how to resolve the nation’s challenges … What a mighty move in that nation. God bless the President!

Pastor Brigitte reports from DR Congo: 120 students saved at a recent outreach plus 30 adults at a nearby hospital.

March/April 2017

More pastors in Uganda are launching TRANSFORMERS – some have sent encouraging feedback of large numbers of youth being saved.

4 more churches have mobilized TRANSFORMERS in northern Malawi. Around half Malawi senior schools are now covered.

February 2017

In Vanuatu a meeting of pastors in Port Vila, the capitol resulted in enthusiasm to broaden the prayer-walking of schools across the city. They can look forward to a great harvest of youth. (Other teams to the Teachers College and remaining senior schools in the nation have been active for over 12 months). Go Vanuatu!

January 2017

A new wave of enquiries to launch TRANSFORMERS has come in from Uganda, East Africa. In Malawi several senior leaders are travelling in the north, south and central areas – training churches on intercession and prayer-walking. And best of all, both are being activated. A fresh fire is burning in hearts in Africa!

November/December 2016

Wow – such hunger and passion in pastors and leaders from Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia – they are on fire! It was a timely conference – God brought fresh revelation and impartation and a wonderful touch of his Presence. There is such a sense of multiplication and revival … and believing for widespread harvest. Prayer strategies and prayer training are now being implemented and activated through TRANSFORMERS in these 4 nations. How good is God!

September /October 2016

In November a regional conference is planned in Malawi for pastors and leaders from Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe & Zambia. We believe TRANSFORMERS will be multiplied throughout these nations – and thousands more youth will be saved and discipled. The first high school in Canberra, ACT is to be adopted also – how good.

July/August 2016

34 nations are now under way with this youth harvest strategy – we welcome Zambia as the latest nation to launch TRANSFORMERS.  In Mozambique there is good increase – from 3 cities to 6. In Africa, entire schools have been saved (Liberia & Nigeria), others are seeing consistent regular salvations. The national leader in Malawi reports “thousands of youth are now saved” Glory to God!

May 2016

Reports have come in from Africa that after making a commitment to Jesus, some youth are sharing their faith, leading others to the Lord and healing the sick! What a joy and what an awesome new day this is.  God is mobilizing His church; the young, the old and all in between, carrying His Presence, His love, His goodness and power – all have a role to play in this amazing move of God.

April 2016

We welcome Bangladesh, South Africa and Jamaica to TRANSFORMERS. The national leader in Malawi (Africa) reports that TRANSFORMERS is spreading through the nation with enthusiasm and fire. The recent successful school outreach spilled over to the community with 3 days of miracles, people set free, large numbers saved and water baptized. (Malawi is experiencing severe long-term drought – but passion for God and the harvest is alive and strong in these leaders). Schools and universities in USA are seeing large numbers saved at outreaches on their campuses – it’s time Church!!

March 2016

This week: 3 more nations have adopted TRANSFORMERS: Mozambique, DRC Congo and Nepal. There are now 27 nations under way – some in a major way, some report consistent salvations, others are starting. (sadly Cambodia isn’t proceeding). A passionate group of pastors have launched TRANSFORMERS in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. Glory to God.

All are sowing into the mighty youth harvest … glorious days!

February 2016

More schools in Australia: Mt Gambier, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Brisbane, country NSW, 2 in Illawarra area of NSW – others being planned (these are just the ones we know of). God has some great people!

Excellent reports continue from African nations …  large numbers of students saved – prayer-walking being launched in many nations and cities.

An ACC pastor in NSW country town Inverell reports 60 high school students were saved through their church (alone) as a direct result of last year’s prayer-walking.

A high school in Tamworth NSW (where 40 students were saved at an outreach in 2015) was the ‘worst’ school in the city 2 years ago. Since the prayer-walking, it’s reported to be totally changed and is now the one that parents want their children to attend! Glory to God.

January 2016

More Secondary schools in Australia (& some Primary) committed to + new nations (UK, USA, Burundi & South Sudan)  TRANSFORMERS is now running in 25 nations – some in a major way, some less, others starting. Many cities in Kenya …  A massive youth harvest is building … and we are so blessed to have a role to play!

December 2015

Amazing reports continue to come from African nations: whole schools and whole classes being born again – principals saying “please come back – the school is so different when you pray!” Glory to God! 9 African nations have now indicated interest to launch TRANSFORMERS. The harvest is ripe!

Cambodia and another key city in NSW launched this week.

November 2015

24.11.2015 A pastor in Nigeria reports that soon after launching TRANSFORMERS the school offered his group a room to pray in … they then shared the Gospel with a gathering of students – and 80 were saved. Glory!

God is moving in north-west NSW – numbers of prayer-walkers are increasing and new cities are commencing. God wants all high schools prayer-walked!

17.11.2015 There are now 9 Australian cities/regions where the leadership has a vision to prayer-walk all their high schools, 3 have already achieved this. One new region shared their vision to reach 50 schools.

4 new nations are now under way this month – a total of 20 … much to Praise GOD for!!     2 new schools are now being prayer-walked in Adelaide1 on the Gold Coast. Some places report new people are joining their prayer-walking teams … all so good!

Some are preparing outreaches after prayer-walking for 5-6 months – please pray for them – plus those who are under way – and those just starting … prayer makes all the difference!

Liberia: Held an outreach in a local school – around 100 students (all of them!) committed their lives to Jesus. It is one of the 8 African nations.

October 2015


  • God is moving mightily and continuing to bless … and bless. 2 more schools in Brisbane are under way – another (maybe 2 more) in Sydney – another in IllawarraThe leaders in 8 (!) Aussie cities/regions have a vision to prayer-walk all their Secondary schools – one city and a large town have already achieved this! Another key nation will soon be under way, India and Laos have begun as well as another city in the Philippines. Take a minute to Praise Him for the awesome progress!!                                                                        … The results we give are only those we know of – there are many schools we don’t hear about we have discovered … God is doing an amazing thing!


  • The momentum continues – praise to the Lord! 6 new Secondary schools are under way in Australia in the first 9 days of this month (that we’ve been told of!) … 3 in NSW, 2 in Victoria & one in Queensland – along with increased interest from others who are no doubt planning.

~ Zimbabwe and Liberia have also launched TRANSFORMERS this week.

September 2015


  • It is just remarkable to look over what the Lord has done in the last three days:  (another!) regional city in NSW is planning to cover all their high schools – another Secondary school in Brisbane has begun prayer-walking plus a (2nd) city in Kenya – all launching TRANSFORMERS … Glory to you Lord – you are just amazing!

~ Just this month pastors in 3 regional cities and one large town in NSW are underway with plans to prayer-walk all the Secondary schools in their city! (Go NSW!) There were so many enthusiastic ‘starters’ in one place they decided to cover the primary and infants schools as well. Other schools have also been launched in 2 cities, 2 towns – and 4 nations!

The rate of increase is staggering … a glorious and magnificent outpouring of the Sprit of God … this is HIS doing – what a privilege to be a small part of it. More Lord!! ALL our Secondary schools covered – preparing almost 2 million precious youth for your Kingdom and schools for transformation … what a brilliant future for the rising generation!

A Brisbane pastor sends a great report after his group’s first prayer-walk:

“- first night of prayer walking was the same night the P & C were meeting.  We forgot that.  P & C have greatly reduced the funding they put into local chaplaincy & were contemplating not contributing this year.  They changed their mind that night.
The financial support for local chaplaincy suddenly improved.  Every committee member noted the miracle.
Christian workers now meeting with some muslim students and talking about God.
– A huge positive change in attitude towards the chaplain by some teachers.”
Praise our mighty God!! Prayer-walking is powerful – it changes the spirit realm! What an awesome and simple strategy God has given us.
  • So far this month: more schools underway in Adelaide, Newcastle, 2 NSW country towns – 1 with all 5 schools being prayer-walked (!),

Also launched in Rwanda, another area of Uganda and CongoWow  Lord.

August 2015

  • More new schools in the last few days: 1 in Victoria – 3 in Brisbane – 1 on Gold Coast – 3 on Sunshine Coast – 1 Qld town.
  • 2 more nations have shown interest – already there are 10 running with TRANSFORMERS – some in a major way – others in a smaller way.
  • God is doing an awesome thing … momentum is building – quite amazing!
  • New schools being adopted for harvest and transformation in: Moreton Peninsular Vic – Townsville Qld – BrisbaneIpswich Qld – others being considered in WA & Qld (they are those that we know of – possibly many more). Please pray for doors to open in specific cities and regions – God is answering as we do … we are in a most blessed new season … and we need to embrace the awakening that has begun.

TRANSFORMERS has also launched in Samoa – Praise the Lord!

July 2015

  • TRANSFORMERS launched and underway in Fiji.
  • 2 new schools adopted on Saturday – one on the Gold Coast, one on the Sunshine Coast.
  • 2 more (Secondary) schools adopted in country Queensland (those we’ve heard of – possibly others)

Aboriginal communities on Cape York have combined to prayer-    walk their Secondary school – how good is that!

  • Prayer-walking is under way in far northern WA and in Perth.
  • An intercessor from Brisbane is planning to launch prayer-walking in Mt Isa … great.
  • 9 new high schools adopted in Brisbane in the last 2 weeks (they’re the ones we’ve heard about) as well as ongoing enquiries from other cities. There is a fresh wind of the Spirit blowing in Australia – an awakening has begun and God is calling His people to arise, shine and do!

We anticipate 500 Secondary schools are now being prayer-walked in Australia.

June 2015

  • A national prayer co-ordinator in Portugal has informed us, they received the TRANSFORMERS introduction from the Australian Prayer Network and they will be activating TRANSFORMERS across the nation.
  • More good news. A church in Romania heard of TRANSFORMERS and after prayer-walking for 6 months, their congregation has grown from 194 to 396 – all new converts. Mighty Lord!
  • Just amazing – God is moving!! Such results after sharing on TRANSFORMERS in Logan City (pop 305.000+).
    A further 5 Secondary schools are planned to be prayer-walked in Logan; 4 already are – a total of 9 – which is 1/2 their Secondary schools. So many were keen to be involved, I daresay another 1 or 2 will soon be added. One lady said God had been already speaking to her to prayer-walk a local Secondary school.
  • A visiting pastor shared that his small team who have been distributing Bibles in Secondary schools for many years, were astounded at a Logan school recently. They took 770 Bibles for distribution to Grades 7 & 8.
    The students ‘mobbed them’ he said – so eager to get a New Testament – and EVERY STUDENT TOOK ONE for the first time ever.


  • The daily response to TRANSFORMERS continues – 7 new Secondary Schools just yesterday – it is anticipated the number has at least doubled in the last few weeks – possibly many more. All glory to God for this – it is His vision …
  • The interest from Pakistan is quite amazing – such a blessing to help the efforts of many courageous Christians in that nation.

May 2015.

  • 3 major prayer networks have sent TRANSFORMERS to 105.000 prayer people in Australia during May. As a result interest and response has soared. The number of Secondary schools now adopted is estimated to be 200-300 and growing daily. One small city in Queensland has 7 of its 20 schools covered. Churches, groups and individuals are responding to the call – a fresh wind is blowing on the prayer movement. An army of prayer-walkers is rising up across the nation!
  • We heard of 2 more outreaches (after prayer-walking). A total of 140 Secondary students now saved in just 3 months since  launching TRANSFORMERS. As momentum and prayer builds, we can expect many times that number on a fairly regular basis.
  • In the last few days 6 new schools have been adopted for prayer-walking. Yay! That takes the number well over 100 – Praise you Lord!
  • Two large prayer networks sent TRANSFORMERS out this month – one from Adelaide the other from Melbourne … God is moving!

A pastor from Uganda reports that a group of pastors in Kampala (the capital) is launching TRANSFORMERS in their region.

  • In Vanuatu – the vision has been resurrected after the devastating cyclone, with all the target schools in the nation covered. The leaders are declaring, “we shall have revival, transformed schools and a mighty harvest in Vanuatu – the enemy will not stop us!”

So much to praise God for!

April 2015

  • There are now around 90 Secondary Schools being prayer-walked, that we know of. We continue to hear of schools ‘outside our range’ that have been adopted … so the number may be 100+. We expect to see a significant increase in the next month or so … God is so good!

It is important that we hear from those prayer-walking; so we can adequately provide prayer cover and also send out future updates the Lord may give, especially STAGE TWO of the strategy.


  • A small but on-fire church plant in NSW reports: 57 people, mainly youth, were saved last weekend. Most of them were students from the local Secondary School where the pastor and team have been prayer-walking for several months! Praise God ….
  • Prayer – prayer – and more prayer is the key. God answers prayer! We would appreciate prayer for TRANSFORMERS as it runs from school to school and state to state.

March 2015

  • Through faith, prayer and decrees TRANSFORMERS is sowing revival seed into the nation’s Secondary Schools preparing the way of the Lord for a great outpouring and youth harvest. A massive harvest requires massive seed – so let’s make sure humungous seed is sown.
  • There are now 71 Secondary schools covered in Australia (and those are the ones we know of!). We’re so grateful for what has been achieved so far in a short time – the Lord has done “exceedingly, abundantly beyond all we could ask or think” Ephesians 3:20.

Some inspiring feedback …

March 2015

  • Glory to God! After a recent trip to NSW 10 or more Secondary schools across 3 cities are now being prayer-walked. Such a joy to see Aussie history makers activating TRANSFORMERS.
  • REVIVAL SA reports: around 50 Adelaide schools are now covered – wow.
  • 2 more Secondary schools on the outskirts of Adelaide, SA are being prayer-walked by an intercessors group – go girls!


A Brisbane pastor reports that his church is embarking on a project to cover 3 Secondary schools on Brisbane’s Southside …yay.

A Queensland missions leader writes “I’ve just read TRANSFORMERS. My mind is running. It’s so do-able and I want to be part of it. Would love to talk to u again about it. In the meantime I will get a list of all the schools in this area … Blessings.”

A south Queensland pastor reports that after 3 months of prayer-walking the local high school (by himself) a visiting international prophet brought a prophecy in their church, “revival for this city is imminent and it’s going to start at that school we drove by this morning“! Another wow!!

A northern New South Wales intercessor writes “I have to tell you, after just 2 weeks of praying the TRANSFORMERS prayer points we are seeing a shift in schools here already.”

One Adelaide man reported a significant breakthrough in a private school he had been praying over. Their Christmas message shifted from a timid one of previous years, to a clear & bold Christmas/Gospel message! A great start – bring it on!

A Gold Coast pastor reports his church prayer groups are praying over schools in their area.

A central Queensland pastor advises his church has committed to prayer-walking their local school for harvest and transformation.



It’s not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord.” Zechariah 4:6

VANUATU: After sharing on TRANSFORMERS at a conference in Port Vila, a national ministry has implemented a strategy to reach all the target schools in the nation – they are underway. Go Vanuatu!

UGANDA: “Thanks for such a wonderful vision to pray for the youths and students in Schools. I will join you in prayer too. God bless you.”

KENYA:  “God Is God All The Time. 
I And The Church,  Are Interested in Transformers. God Bless.”  Pastor N,  Migori County, Kenya

USA: Two large prayer networks in USA are sending TRANSFORMERS through their networks.

SOLOMON ISLANDS: after sharing briefly at a conference in Honiara, the pastors took all the TRANSFORMERS material in minutes.

We’d love to hear what’s happening in your area – a short report or testimony can be sent to: [email protected]  

God answers prayer! As TRANSFORMERS go forth praying/ decreeing God’s promises and will they can expect transformation to occur in the school as well as a mighty student harvest. What we decree today is the fruit we rejoice over tomorrow!

“The whole earth shall be filled with His glory” Numbers 14:21