Prayer-Walking Prayer Points

We pray/decree: This school shall be transformed for the Glory of God! “Arise O God and let Your enemies be scattered!” – Ps 68:1

“God will establish tables in the midst of their enemies” – Ps 23:5

“The Lord will be a wall of fire all about and His glory seen in the midst” – Zech 2:5

Over the school: We pray/decree: the Blessing- Goodness- Love and Kindness of the Lord over every student and staff.
We pray the Lord’s Presence-Peace and Protection 3 John v2

Truth – righteousness and respect shall be established here.
Doors shall open – and remain open to the Gospel – Rev 3:8

There shall be a full quota of Christian workers.

Over the students: God’s Mercy- Love- Acceptance- Hope- Healing- Protection- Release and Freedom!
The students shall have hearts to know God and have powerful life-changing encounters with Him.
They will receive a revelation of God’s love and greatness.
They will come to know the truth and the truth will make them free – God’s goodness will lead them to repentance – John 8:32, Rom 2:4

We pray a mighty harvest of souls!

Many passionate and selfless young people with hearts ablaze for God will come from this school; ones carrying His Presence- His Glory- His love and His miracles.

Among them will be apostles, prophets, revivalists, harvesters, pastors and intercessors.

To bullying– violence– drugs- immorality– humanism- rebellion and deception: we say, GO from this school in Jesus’ name!

Over the Christian workers: God’s Grace– Love– Anointing- Wisdom- Blessing– Favour and Boldness.

Over the teachers, staff and volunteers: Blessing- Justice– Compassion– Authority and Kindness.

Kingdom of God come – will of God be done – as it is in Heaven! Matt 6:10

Also pray as the Holy Spirit leads you.

The copying of TRANSFORMERS documents is permitted and encouraged, providing is noted.