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Several years ago I was invited to minister in a small rural city in Queensland. The inviting church was planning a Christmas outreach and asked me to do some training in preparation. A ‘mission field’ of 200 homes was marked out adjacent to the church and a small group began prayer-walking those streets. For four months they regularly prayed God’s word and blessing over those who lived there.


However before that Christmas event, the local pastor’s fellowship arranged for an outreach to the senior year students at the local high school. A young evangelist shared the Gospel during the lunch break and thirty-seven students gave their lives to the Lord.

An amazing thing happened when the pastors met to distribute the follow-ups for the new converts. They divided the city into eight areas around each participating church. The first follow-up went to the ‘mission field’ pastor (where the prayer-walking had been done) as the student lived in that area. The second follow-up went to that pastor also, then the third, then the fourth, then the fifth … in fact all thirty-seven of the new Christians came from the area where that church had been prayer-walking!

That ‘mission field’ represented just 5% of the homes in the city – not one salvation came from anywhere else … wow …  mighty Lord.

Prayer-walking in faith is extremely powerful – it changes the spirit realm and prepares hearts to receive the Gospel – as God answers!

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April 2015 – The first TRANSFORMERS outreach was held in Tamworth NSW. The leaders of a small church plant had prayer-walked the nearby high school for 4-5 months. At a neighbourhood outreach 57 people were saved – 40 were students from that high school.

September, 2015 – A great testimony after their first prayer-walk

A Brisbane pastor sends a report after his group’s first prayer-walk:

“- our first night of prayer walking was the same night the P & C were meeting.  We weren’t aware of that.  P & C have greatly reduced the funding they put into local chaplaincy & were contemplating not contributing this year.  They changed their mind that night.
– At the following committee meeting, the financial support for local chaplaincy had suddenly improved.  Every committee member noted the miracle.
Christian workers are now meeting with some muslim students and talking about God.
– There has also been a huge positive change in attitude towards the chaplain by some teachers.”
Praise our mighty God!! What an awesome and simple strategy He has given us.
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Committed Christians have the power to be history makers – and change the future for countless thousands of students. Will you adopt a school (or 2)?